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Dear Pastor Cole,


I am very sorry my phone likes to disconnect when we get close to the end or if it is the conference line itself. But I had to get back on about 3 times. What I wanted to say is I enjoy Bible study I look forward to participating every Wednesday. The Book of Exodus has left me with this impression. That the Ark of the Covenant represent the heart and that's where God starts with us form the inside out. He makes our ashes to become beauty. Also like Sis Diane said, that complaining isn't something we should do that we should have a heart of thanksgiving no matter what we are going through. My biggest thing is how long Lord and why. I have learn by not being like the Israelites so that God won't take 40 years to bring me into my promise. That obedient is better than scarfice and that I want God to go with me in all that I do, not just to send an Angel. I also learned how the building of the Tabernacle represent Jesus. This is what I wanted to share with everyone.


God Bless,

Sis Sheila

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